Compliment Your Custom Home with Curtains

Curtains can pull a room together, elevating the design and creating a beautiful, luxurious space in your home. But there can be tricky elements to overcome as you’re selecting and styling curtains. Today, at ADŌR Bespoke Homes, we’ve compiled answers to commonly asked curtain questions to help you compliment your custom home with gorgeous, well-styled window dressings.

How High Should I Hang Curtains?

This is one of the most common questions that gets asked. Often, homeowners hang curtains directly above their window. But by placing the curtain rod higher, you can elongate the room, giving it a taller, more elegant feel. A good rule to stick to? Aim to install your curtain rod 4-6” above your window frame.

How Long Should Curtains Be?

For curtain length, you have three ideal options:

  • The curtains are floating an inch or less above the floor 
  • The curtains are hitting exactly where the floor starts
  • The curtains are pooled on the floor

These three options are all dependent on your overall style. The first option can be beautiful and airy. The second option is hard to hit because it’s so exact, but can create a clean line for your design. The third option is romantic but can be tricky if you’re worried about your curtains getting dirty!

When you’re selecting curtains, be sure to measure carefully to ensure your curtains aren’t too short once they’re hung up.

How Wide Should My Curtains Be?

You want your curtains to look nice and full. A good rule to follow is that your curtain fabric should actually be double the width of your window. This will keep them from being stretched too thin.

What Kind of Fabric Should I Use for Curtains?

The fabric you choose depends on the mood and use of the room you’re decorating. Heavier fabrics, including velvet and damask, give off a cozier vibe. Lighter fabrics, like linen and muslin, will provide more of a fresh, airy quality. Not sure what suits your room best? Consider changing out the curtains seasonally to compliment the weather outside. 

Should I Use Luxury Tiebacks

Luxury tiebacks can offer up an extra dose of style and creativity, while also tying your curtains into place. If you’ve chosen a neutral curtain color, a bold tieback can add a beautiful pop of color, enhancing your room design. 

What About Custom Curtains?

Custom curtains are a great investment for less common window sizes, to replace ready-made options that aren’t quite hitting the mark. When curtains are customized, they also add flair unique to your home. Use this decorating element to showcase your individual personality and create a room that is tailored to you. 

Build a Custom Home

Why not make everything about your home customized? If you’re considering building a bespoke home, ADŌR is ready to help. With more than 32 years of experience, we know the ins and outs of custom house building, and can help you design and build the home of your dreams. Contact us to learn more about our history, our process, and how we can get started.

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