Custom Home vs. Spec Home: Which One is Right for You?

If you’re in the market for a new home, you’ve probably thought a lot about whether you want a custom home or a spec home. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Let’s take a closer look to enlighten your decision-making process.

Custom Home Vs. Spec Home 

Finding the right home for you and your loved ones takes energy, care, and time. Both custom and spec homes have a lot to offer—it’s all about what’s best for you, your needs, your future plans, and your budget. 

Custom Homes 

Building from the ground up can be a gratifying experience. When you choose to live in a custom home, you create something uniquely yours. 

The Pros:

– Complete customization includes the layout, features, materials, fixtures, energy efficiency, and overall design. 

– Your home is situated on your chosen lot.

– Whether you love to entertain, enjoy a unique hobby, or want peace and quiet, your new home’s functionality perfectly suits your lifestyle. 

– You get to live in the house of your dreams. 

– You don’t have to compete with other potential buyers–this place is all yours.

– When reselling your home, you won’t be like everyone else, you’ll have a competitive advantage with more unique design elements.

The Considerations: 

– The process will take 12 to 18 months, from beginning to end. 

– You will need to be engaged to make pertinent selections.

A white custom house built by ADŌR - Bespoke Homes.

Spec Homes

Spec homes are built by a construction company or contractor long before a buyer is involved. To entice a future homeowner to purchase it, they keep design choices relatively generalized and neutral. While there are sometimes customizable features, the bulk of the work is finished before a potential buyer sees it. 

The Pros:

– Spec homes are usually close to move-in ready.

– You make fewer decisions to make along the way.

The Considerations: 

– There are significantly fewer customization opportunities. 

– Overall design is neutral, without much personality. 

– The house could be located on a lot or in an area you don’t love. 

– You may have to invest in upgrades or remodels at a later date.

– The house will be similar to others, making it more of a commodity when reselling.

Building From the Ground Up: The ADŌR Way 

It all comes down to this: How much personalization do you want to be integrated into your place? If you’re planning to truly enjoy your home, consider living in your dream home. 

Do you long for an open-concept modern kitchen with a butler pantry? A luxurious primary suite with heated floors? A beautiful basement bar to entertain your friends and family on chilly Minnesota nights? Our professionals can handle it all. 

Let’s Take the Next Steps Together 

Are you starting to feel like a custom home is in your future? At ADŌR – Bespoke Homes, we believe in designing and constructing spaces just as you want. Learn a bit about our team and what makes us (and our builds) unique. 

Curious about how to build a house from the ground up? Contact us! We’ll talk you through it all as we learn more about your ideas!

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