3 Lake Home Decorating Ideas

As we find ourselves coming to the end of another long winter, many Minnesotans are already preparing to set off and open their lakes homes for the new season ahead! Whether your family summer home is nestled along Lake Superior, Lake Minnetonka, or Gull Lake, you may decide it’s time to update your home’s interior design and function to enhance its value, as well as create a more luxurious private oasis for family and friends to gather.

From custom kitchen renovations to updating your home’s existing furniture and lighting, here are 3 of our favorite lake home decor ideas to help you achieve a more spacious layout and inviting atmosphere.

Lake Home Decorating Ideas for 2020

  1. Make the Lake Your Focus Point: Having a summer home means waking up each day to gorgeous lakeside views with your morning cup of coffee. If the reason you purchased your summer home was to be closer to the lake, why not make this stunning outdoor space your home’s main focal point.
  • Lake House Ideas to Try: A simple way to enhance your view of the lake from inside the home is to remove all blinds, window drapes, or curtains from the side of the house that is facing the lake. You can also remove any rugs to expose wood or stone flooring and refurbish your furniture with neutral color tones to help bring out the lake’s natural elements surrounding the space.
  1. Introduce Elegant Light Fixtures: Edison light bulbs continue to be a trendy commodity among homeowners, especially inside their lake homes. These lighting fixtures create a unique, vintage look that also offers the energy efficiency of a more modern age. Hanging lights, as well as chandeliers are also becoming popular again and are available in many sophisticated styles that range from rustic chic to elegantly lavish.
  • Lake House Ideas to Try: Install a dramatic lighting fixture that matches the style of your lake home. Though the kitchen and dining areas are typically the ideal place for chandeliers, you can also get creative and include such fixtures within other places of the home, including the living room or porch area.
  1. Open Your Kitchen’s Layout: Having an open, inviting kitchen layout may not always require a complete home renovation. There are certain tricks to creating more space and adding dimension, so family can gather around the table for dinner and friends can visit often.
  • Lake House Ideas to Try: Transitioning from closed to open shelving, repainting your kitchen walls and countertops with white tones, adding additional windows, updating your old appliances to energy-efficient products, and replacing your kitchen table with a dining nook or island are just a few ways to create space without tearing down the walls.

For lake home kitchen ideas that require a professional build, contact ADŌR HOMES.

Build a Custom Lake Home with ADŌR

However you decide to update your summer home this year, remember your house should always reflect your style and provide a luxurious sanctuary to escape the hustle of the Twin Cities and relax with loved ones.

If you’re looking for more custom lake home design ideas, connect with us today! Our team is equipped to handle your next custom home build project and will help you achieve the look and function you desire with sustainable materials paired with quality craftsmanship.

View our past lake home projects for inspiration! We look forward to working with you!

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