Tudor Architecture Features You’ll Love

Some residential designs never go out of style. A Tudor-style house is one popular example. From its pitched gable roofs and decorative grouping of windows to its long stone chimneys and exposed wood framing, Tudor homes offer a rich, historic charm like no other.

This type of architectural style dates all the way back to 15th century England. Once it made its way to America in the late 1800s, it became a popular trend among homeowners, especially the Midwest region, where we experience colder climate conditions. Today, many Tudor homes have either been restored back to their optimal condition or custom built from scratch by an experienced home builder who works to masterfully blend the Tudor’s Renaissance-inspired architecture with modern day amenities and luxurious designs.

3 Must-Have Tudor Architecture Features

Before you begin planning your Tudor-style home, here are three essential features you’ll want to include in its design to achieve its Medieval look and feel:

  1. Steep Gable Roofing – There really is one essential Tudor architecture feature that you must include in your custom home build: multiple gable roofing. This signature feature is reminiscent of the traditional Tudor homes in Europe and continues to be among its more recognizable characteristics. In addition, the sloping sides of each gable offer a unique location for window installation underneath for a classic, unified look that brings the whole build together. 
  2. Asymmetrical Floor Plan: Many homeowners are often attracted to the unique floor plans of early American homes, particularly Tudor-style homes that feature large open foyers that lead to the kitchen or dining areas, as well as living areas surrounded by columns of glass windows to enhance a home’s natural lightening. Wrap-around porches and interior walls of different heights and shapes also help create interesting elements and angles that will help you achieve an authentic Tudor home look. 
  3. Blending of Building Materials: Tudor-style houses traditionally combine many building materials that range from stone and brick to stucco and wood. You may also recognize its half timbering, a feature that exposes the wood framing around the house, which is often filled in with either stucco or brick for a more decorative curb appeal.

Build Your Custom Tudor-Style Home with ADŌR Homes

If you love the historic charm of Tudor homes but want the luxurious modern amenities of the twenty-first century, ADŌR Homes can offer you a custom build solution that creatively pairs the two. Browse our website to view past Tudor-style homes that combine the best of both worlds and stand the test of time.

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