3 Essential Custom Home Building Tips

When building a new house in Minnesota, partnering with an experienced general contractor can make the difference between a successful custom home build and a disaster project. From initial planning and budgeting to construction and final inspection, there’s many moving pieces and outside factors (e.g. weather, shipping materials, permits, design changes, etc.) that can disrupt the flow of production and cause unexpected delays.

At ADŌR Homes, we offer more than 31 years of experience in development and construction and have created truly exceptional spaces and thoughtful architectural homes—each centered around the unique needs of homeowners throughout the Twin Cities. With integrity at the heart of everything we do, our clients trust our team for quality materials, superior artistry, and best-in-class service.

Considering building a home in Minnesota? Though planning your budget and deciding which time of year to begin construction is important, once your project gets going, there are other essential factors to consider when building a new house. 

Tips for Building a New Home

Tip #1 – Decide on a Floor Plan: How many floors does your custom home need? Will your master bathroom include an ensuite spa or sauna? Will the laundry room be built upstairs or the main level of your home? Do you plan to entertain friends in a luxurious lower level suite, complete with an adjoining guest room for them to stay the weekend? Or would you rather convert this area into a theater room or wine cellar?

  • As part of your design and development phase, our team will provide you with conceptual drawings for the architectural plan of your home. And because there are so many choices available, we’ll guide you through this journey, so you’re getting the most from your investment. Once the final plans are produced, our partners solidify their bids on the work, which will eventually become your family’s new home!

Tip #2 – Plan for the Unexpected: While creating your initial budget, it’s beneficial to include additional room to cover the unexpected costs of construction and labor. Many variables play into a home’s construction. Perhaps, the lot you’re developing requires additional removal of large rocks or trees or your construction becomes delayed due to weather conditions, requiring additional labor to complete your custom home on schedule.

  • In addition to building luxurious custom homes for our clients, we strive to make the home building process a smooth transition for your entire family. This means we’ll work to ensure your project stays on schedule and on budget, and if for whatever reason, we do experience a few halts in the project, we provide you with creative solutions, so you never need to deal with any stress or hassle, and you always look forward to your project completion.

Tip #3 – Decide What Quality Means to You: When building a new house, having a clear understanding of what quality craftsmanship looks like is key. From using top-grade materials to partnering with the best interior designers, sub-contractors, and project managers, quality should always be the standard for building a new home.

  • At ADŌR Home, we’re passionate about the quality of our work, the materials we use, and attention to detail we give each custom home build. Contributing to the success of more than $750 million in building ventures, we proudly offer homeowners a superior home building experience that can’t be compared.

Build Your Dream Home with ADŌR Home

To learn more about our custom home building process or to view past projects, browse our website, or connect with us for a consultation! We’ll help you plan and manage every intricate detail of your home build, so you feel in control without the stress of each moving part of the project.

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