Custom Home Features For 2020

In celebration of a brand new year, we wanted to share some fresh ideas and features to consider when building your custom home. From heated driveways and interior floors to central vacuum systems, slide-inspired laundry shoots, spa bathrooms, and more, discover unique custom home ideas that will have you enjoying a cozy, sustainable, and luxurious lifestyle in your dream home. 

Top 5 Must-Haves for Your New Home

Looking to add stunning features and sophistication to your custom home design? Explore this year’s must-have design trends to enhance your home’s curb appeal and create a relaxing interior space the whole family will love!

  1. Heat More than Your Floors This Winter: You may be familiar with the perks of heated interior floors for kitchen and bathroom areas. Now, imagine this same feature for your outside driveway. This exciting new trend eliminates hours of shoveling snow from your driveway and the safety risk of slipping on black ice. 
  2. Build a Smarter Home: As technology continues to evolve, why not have your new home’s design reap all its benefits! From installing home appliances and thermostats that connect to your smart devices to adding outlets and USB ports throughout your home’s interior (e.g. cabinets, mantels, under counters, etc.), there’s multiple ways to make your home smarter and easily accessible! One of our favorite smart custom home ideas this year is incorporating a central vacuum system. Rather than stepping around a Roomba, this new feature makes cleaning a breeze. The system connects to a central hub in your home (e.g. the kitchen), so all you need to do is sweep while it sucks in dust, crumbs, and debris. 
  3. Enjoy Some Privacy in Style: As a kid, you may have dreamed of stumbling upon a secret passageway or hidden room within your home. Today, that idea has inspired more homeowners to desire a private room area, hidden behind a book cabinet or wall, where they can create a library, office space, theater room, or private retreat for relaxation and peace after a busy workday. 
  4. Bring Nature Indoors: Another must-have for new home designs this year is the inclusion of a green space within your home’s surroundings. This interior design is popular among commercial spaces, but it’s making itself known among residential properties, as well. Whether you decide to create an indoor courtyard or install a green wall, there’s many creative ways you can bring the benefits of green plants into your living space. 
  5. Design Your Dream Spa: This custom home feature never goes out of style. If you’re building a new home and looking for ideas, creating a luxurious master bathroom area should always be on your list. Installing a soaking tub, walk-in shower, or even a private sauna can help you create a luxurious getaway, just a few steps from your bedroom. 

Explore Custom Home Ideas with ADŌR Homes

Planning to build your home in 2020? Partner with ADŌR Homes to inspire your dream design. Our diverse and talented team will collaborate on every facet of your home’s new construction—from architecture, interior design, landscape design, and project management! Blending superb craftsmanship with innovative elements, we’ll work to ensure your home fits naturally within its surroundings and includes your favorite custom home features. 

To learn more about our custom home building process or to view past projects, visit our website, or connect with us for a consultation! 

We can’t wait to make your dream home a reality in 2020! 

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