Before You Build a Bespoke Home

Whether you’ve been thinking about building a custom home for a while or you’ve just been introduced to the idea, you know it’s a big undertaking. At ADŌR, we’re proud to be a Minnesota custom home builder. And to help decide if this is the right choice for you,  we’ve created a list of things to consider before you build a bespoke home.

Buying Land

You may be imagining that you’ll find the perfect spot before you hire a custom home builder. But in fact, often the opposite is true. You’ll want to hire your team first and then work together to find your new home’s location. Doing it this way is faster, smoother, and allows for expert insight as you make a really big decision. (You can read more of our tips about choosing the best site for your future home here).  

Figure Out Your Budget 

Having a firm understanding of your budget is imperative before you begin building a custom home. If you’re taking out a loan, you’ll want to determine what mortgage option makes the most sense and have a realistic plan for your down payment. Once you’ve put together your budget, an experienced building team will work to figure out what’s possible!  Speaking of…

Find a Team You Can Trust

Building a home is a long process. You want to hire a team that you trust and, frankly, that you enjoy spending time with. Because you’ll be spending a lot of time together. If you haven’t built before, you’ll want to assemble experts who can guide you through the process. Do your research and find the best fit for you. 

What’s Your Timeline? 

Are there factors affecting your building schedule? For instance, is there a baby on the way or a new school year starting? Building your timeline with your builders can help you set goals, but remember that the schedule is just a guide for you both to work with. Flexibility is key in this part of the process. 

Discover Your Dreams

Start to jot down what you want from your bespoke home. Think about who’ll be living there and what you like to do. Do you like to entertain? Are you anticipating a growing family? How about any hobbies – do they require specific spaces? Putting together your dreams and requirements early will help inform the design process and make sure this custom luxury home is built just for you. 

When You’re Ready to Build Bespoke, ADŌR Is Here

Feeling inspired to build a custom home? Great! As Minnesota home builders, we love creating the space of your dreams. At ADŌR, we work to build lasting relationships with our clients, helping them through this incredibly rewarding process. 

Curious about our work? Check out our gallery to see some of our favorite bespoke homes. Then, connect with us to learn more about how we work and what we do! 

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