Customize your Bathroom Vanity to Fit Your Style

From getting ready in the morning to brushing our teeth before bed, bathrooms start and end our days. A custom bathroom design can ensure this precious space fits your aesthetic, needs, and personality. One bathroom element we recommend indulging in? A custom bathroom vanity. 

Combining the mirror, sink, countertop and storage, your vanity is an integral part of the bathroom design. And a custom bathroom vanity provides a place specifically created to meet your needs and fit your style.

Style & Color 

Forget standard vanities: a customized vanity stamps your style into the room. From romantic to modern to industrial to naturalistic, your luxury bathroom vanity’s look enhances the overall design.

With a style selected, consider the color palette you want to use. Are you looking to lighten up the bathroom with your vanity? Or would you prefer a darker, bolder piece? Are you hoping to bring natural colors into this room, or more playful, primary ones?

These two decisions in tandem – style and color – will help you choose…

High-End-Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures are the accent pillows of the bathroom. Choose them wisely and they can bring together a cohesive, inviting feel. Play off your vanity’s style and color with high-end-bathroom fixtures. As you seek to elevate this room, fixtures made from brass, crystal, or stone add little pops of luxury. 

Want more inspiration? We love these high-end-bathroom fixture ideas, and we hope you do, too!

Storage Solutions

Whether you fill your bathroom to the brim with products, or you live a more minimalist lifestyle, you’re going to want seamless storage solutions. Expansive medicine cabinets keep toiletries organized, while soft close drawers offer peace and quiet. Let’s create a system designed specifically for you. 

Custom Countertops 

As you create your custom bathroom vanity, let your daily routine inform your decision-making. While some people love extensive counter space, others prefer less. Consider how your vanity fits into your lifestyle and use that knowledge to help you decide on materials. Design your custom countertop with the elegant beauty of quartz or marble or an unexpected element like butcher block or recycled glass. 

Is this a vanity for two? We love to see a double sink vanity. This gives you both enough elbow room to get ready together! 

ADŌR Can Help With Your Custom Bathroom Design 

Customizations infuse your bathroom with your individual style, making it a unique place to really be you. From modern to classic, industrial to naturalistic, at ADŌR we can do it all! We create spaces to bring you joy, whether you’re starting your day or unwinding at the end of a long one. 

Ready to build the bespoke home (and custom bathroom design) of your dreams? Connect with us today! 

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