Custom Cabinetry Trends for the Kitchen

Part of the joy of building a bespoke home is picking out all the details, including custom cabinetry. Whether you want a minimalist look, a modern design, or a traditional feel, cabinets make up a big part of your kitchen. So, let’s give them the attention they deserve. 

Plan First, Design Second 

Thoughtful planning and attention to detail go a long way when designing a kitchen. Before beginning a bespoke build, we listen to our client’s vision, priorities, and lifestyle. We encourage them to imagine layouts and amenities that reflect their style, daily needs, and ultimate wishes. Maybe they want room to teach their young ones to cook. Or they love entertaining and want an expansive island with bar stools. Perhaps they have their great-grandmother’s crystal and want to display it for guests. This information influences the plans we draw.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Trends

Cabinets That Mimics Furniture

Adding turned wood legs, scalloped trim, or decorative doors gives your cabinetry a hutch feel. These touches add up, bringing elegance to your kitchen design without sacrificing storage space. Pair them with luxury countertops for a glorious look. 

Soft Close Hinges and Drawers

If you invest in one significant cabinetry customization, make it soft close hinges on your dorrs and soft close glides for your drawers. Hydraulic mechanisms slow the closing and opening to eliminate the noisy slams of cabinet doors. If you have littles, fingers and toes are less likely to be caught in cabinet doors. Not only that, but it reduces stress on the cabinetry to keep them in great shape. 

Unique Cabinet Shapes 

No one likes wasted space, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Whether a special pull-out drawer for a trash/recycling combo, a designated area for baking sheets, or even a spot for your microwave, well-planned custom cabinetry reduces unnecessary clutter. 

“Our designers innovate organization solutions to help create a layout that works specifically for each client’s lifestyle,” says Todd Simning, ADŌR Bespoke Homes Founder. “Effective storage means your essentials have a home base.” 

Integrated Spaces for Technology 

It is no surprise that technology is making its way into our kitchen more often. Custom kitchen cabinets mean an integrated space for your devices, including your TV or tablet. We can even build hidden outlets so you can charge up while cooking, cleaning, or entertaining. 

Open or Glass-Paned Cabinets 

Open or glassdoor cabinetry showcases dishware in style. While you may want to conceal certain kitchen elements (like your trash can), you might have family heirlooms ready to be displayed. Plus, they’re great for brightening up a room. 

Slate gray cabinets leading to a pantry. Custom cabinetry means selecting all the little details.

Dresser Pulls vs. Standard Hardware 

More homeowners are paying attention to decorative details when designing and building their bespoke kitchens. Dresser pulls add a more modern touch than standard hardware; plus, they’re easier to grip. 

How Much Do Custom Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

Generally speaking, custom kitchen cabinets cost on average $50,000-$100,000, depending on materials, hardware, customization, installation, and other factors. During the planning process, our design team will talk you through multiple options as we put together your layout. 

Stay Tuned for More Trends

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