Hardwood Floors for Your Custom Home

Hardwood floors are always warm and inviting, and the latest design trends are anything but boring! Spice up your own unique wood flooring with stains, treatments, patterns, or custom materials to give your home a foundation as individual as you are. At ADŌR, we’ve compiled ideas to inspire the floors in your custom home

Choosing Material for Hardwood Floors

The material you choose can make a big difference to the look and feel of your home. Here are a few of our favorites: 

Oak & Maple. An oak floor is a timeless, durable, clean-grained choice for high-traffic areas like kitchens and living rooms. With its reddish undertones, a maple floor warms up smaller spaces and looks great against black and white décor.

Exotic Woods. Trending in 2021 are Brazilian cherry, which offers a mosaic look with its variety of grain colors, and Eucalyptus, which has a fast growth rate and high availability, making it eco- and budget-friendly.

Reclaimed Wood. With planks originating from places as varied as barns, decking, timbers, and even wine barrels, reclaimed wood floors continue to be a popular and personalized trend. Recycled flooring materials are environmentally-friendly and will give your space a rustic, historic look. 

Cork. A tried-and-true, eco-friendly stand-by, cork floors are highly durable and resilient. The unique appearance provides a softer look to your floors, and balances well with hard lines.

Stains & Treatments to Select

Stains and treatments allow you to really accentuate the wood grain in your flooring, while stamping your personality in your home. Why not consider:  

Whitewashed. From traditional colonial farmhouses to beachy, contemporary California, the light color of a whitewashed wood floor will make your space look bigger and brighter.

• Ebonized. In contrast, an ebonized treatment presents an elegant, sleek, richly dark look that pops in all-white or neutral spaces. 

• Limed. A limed treatment is a casual, relaxed look that suits summer or lakeside homes.

• Painted. A budget-friendly, colorful, and endlessly creative option is a painted wood floor. Fully painted floorboards flatter a country cottage style, while painted “tiles” or other patterns make a distinctive statement.

Textures to Try

By integrating texture into the mix, your floors will be bursting with personality and backstory. Why not try: 

• Distressed: Overlapping with the reclaimed wood trend, this popular flooring option imbues your home with cozy character and embraces rustic imperfections in the grain.

Handscraped. Boasting an exposed grain with a luxurious finish, handscraped texture offers a one-of-a-kind, expensive look and a long-term resale value. 

• Wirebrushed. Falling smack dab between distressed and handscraped, a wirebrushed texture provides a subdued, streamlined look for all styles of home. 

Patterns to Play With 

Choosing a patterned, unique wood flooring option allows you to make a real statement with your floors. We’re particularly fond of: 

Chevron & Herringbone. Though this option can be time-consuming to install, the angled arrow pattern of chevron or herringbone designs adds gorgeous interest to a room or hallway.

• Bespoke. Busier patterns like Basket Weave, Diamond, and Medallion are having a moment. Using intricate placement, these designs provide a majestic focal point to a neutral room. For an extra playful look for a family or game room, a Jigsaw Puzzle pattern is quite the conversation-starter!

Wide Planks. With less seams exposed, wide plank wood floors offer a clean, cohesive look that makes rooms look larger and more open.

Hardwood Floors You’ll ADŌR

Now that you’ve brainstormed ideas, chat with us! With over three decades of experience in the industry, ADŌR Bespoke Homes offers standout custom luxury home design. Reach out for a consultation to bring your next bespoke home to life!

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