How Do I Choose Siding for My Custom Home?

Your new home has the potential to look precisely the way you dream. Roofing, windows, shutters, siding, and architectural style all come together to create an exterior you love. 

As you decide on your new home’s siding, you’re probably weighing three primary considerations: value, maintenance, and appearance. So, let’s look at a few house siding options with those ideas in mind. 

Our Favorite House Siding Options 

Siding has developed over the years. Here are a few of our most requested and most recommended exterior siding options for homeowners as they build their custom homes. 


Wood siding is a classic choice, with a gorgeous, natural aesthetic.

Value: Wood siding can be a bit more expensive, depending on the wood you choose. Most people opt for cedar siding or pine. 

Maintenance: This option does require care, including routine painting and caulking, especially here in Minnesota. 

Appearance: Our team executes a range of styles, including shingles, shakes, and the very American board and batten. 

Install: Proper installation with an additional drainage plane is key to the longevity of wood siding so that it can breathe properly.

Engineered Siding 

Engineered siding such as James Hardie offers similar benefits to natural wood, but with some advantages! 

Value: This is less costly than natural wood and lasts 20-30 years with proper care. 

Maintenance: Keep engineered wood clean, but be careful not to use too much force or harsh chemicals when cleaning which could cause irreparable damage. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for cracks, repairing them as quickly as possible. 

Appearance: Without the naturally-occurring “imperfections” we see in wood shingles, engineered wood siding offers a beautifully cohesive look. 


Unsurprisingly, vinyl continues to be a top selection for many Minnesota homeowners.

Value: This option is cost-effective because the materials and the installation are well-priced. 

Maintenance: To keep your vinyl siding looking clean, you’ll just want to clean it routinely with a brush and a hose. 

Appearance: There’s a reason why vinyl has continued to be so popular since it arrived in the ‘60s. Because vinyl is so easy to customize, you can create all different looks to accentuate your home. And with so many vinyl siding colors, your home can stand out or blend in, depending on your preferences. 


For centuries, Stucco has accentuated timeless, old-world exteriors with trusted durability. 

Value: Stucco can cost a bit more because it’s relatively labor-intensive to install. 

Maintenance: Our temperature shifts in Minnesota and the occasional hailstorm mean you want to keep an eye out for cracks in your stucco and commit to routine maintenance.

Appearance: Stucco is a classic look, and because we can shape and texture it to your preferences, it complements multiple architecture styles. 

Still Undecided on Your Future Home Siding?

That’s okay! Our team at ADŌR Bespoke Homes helps you navigate all types of decisions, from the foundation to the lighting fixtures to the siding. Then, we take your choices and build your custom home, just as you pictured it.

Contact us today to begin your first step in the process. 

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