Scandinavian Architecture Features to Admire

As a creator of Midwest custom homes, our ADŌR team has to be well-versed in Scandinavian architecture. But, what does this style entail? Well, when we think about this design style, it pulls from traditions from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland (The Spruce). These days, we’re seeing more and more homeowners trending towards this gorgeous, more modern design. 

Create a Stunning Scandinavian Home Exterior

Let’s begin from the outside. Here are a few specific Scandinavian style elements to incorporate into the exterior of your home: 

An Emphasis on Minimalism. Scandinavian architecture is all about pulling back, substituting any ornate detailing for clean lines. Functionalism dominates, resulting in gorgeous, often modern-looking structures. 

Interesting Shapes. When it comes to Scandinavian houses, we often see unexpected shapes, especially asymmetrical designs in the roof, walls, and windows. This is different from typical modern homes you’ll see (which tend to be very symmetrical) and leads to fascinating and unusual interior layouts. 

Connection to Nature. Scandinavian culture has a deep love and respect for nature. This reverence means homes often reflect and blend into their surrounding landscape instead of sticking out against it. We accomplish this by pulling in local – sometimes even raw – materials and boasting a more natural look.

The Beautiful Simplicity of a Scandinavian Style House 

A modern open concept home with a detached dining room
Source: HGTV 

Once we step inside a Scandinavian-inspired home, here’s what you can expect to see: 

Plenty of Natural Light. These northern countries need as much light as possible, especially during the bleaker winter months. This need has seeped into their architectural innovations. Oversized windows, glass doors, and strategically-placed skylights integrate much-needed sunshine into as many rooms as possible. 

An Emphasis on Comfort. In the land of hygge, it’s not surprising to see comfort being prioritized. This is reflected in warm lighting, soft textures (imagine plenty of soft blankets and pillows), lush fireplaces, and cozy spaces with lower ceilings. To really bring out the hygge in your Scandinavian house, you’ll want to display some candles and a beautiful throw pillow or two. 

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Warm, Neutral Colors. Scandinavian design calls for warmer neutral colors to reflect and elevate the natural light and support a clean design. Think off-white, light gray, beiges, tans, blacks, and frequent accents of calming blues. 

Energy Efficiency. Scandinavian homes are known for their passionate commitment to energy efficiency. Incorporating these functional green systems isn’t just beneficial for your carbon footprint; they also help save on energy bills! 

Are You Dreaming of Your Next Home? 

There is something uniquely special about creating your own home. If the beauty of Scandinavian architecture speaks to you, let us build you a home that prioritizes comfort, light, and minimalism. This type of home is perfect for entertaining friends and family or curling up on a stormy night with a good book. 

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Then, look through our gallery of Midwest custom homes as you gather inspiration for your next space. When you’re ready to begin the process, connect with our ADŌR Bespoke Homes team so we can get to work! 

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