Splish, Splash: Smart Home Technology for Your Custom Master Bathroom

It’s 2022, and smart home technology is here to make our lives easier, more efficient, and more comfortable. Nowhere is that more appreciated than the bathroom. Today, we’ll dig into bathroom technology that transforms this room into a deliciously relaxing spa. 

Luxuriate in a Smart Bathroom

Take time for yourself in a space built for you. These high-tech bathroom additions help you prepare for the day and unwind at the end of a long one. 

Smart Showerheads  

Yes, you read that correctly. Customize your shower head settings to achieve the perfect water flow and temperature every time. 

You can even set your showerhead to send an alert to your phone once the water is ready for you. Once you’re in the shower, tune into your favorite podcast or radio station as it streams (literally) through the water.

For the environmentally conscious, this increasingly popular bathroom technology can help monitor how much water you are using to reduce your water consumption. 

Transformed Toilets 

Smart toilets utilize touchless technology and seat warmers. Newer models even offer deodorizing and self-cleaning modes—a life-changing invention for those of us who dread this task. 

Towel Warmers & In-Floor Heating 

Once you’ve finished your shower or maybe a dip in the lake, you want to be nice and cozy. Towel warmers make sure the transition post-shower is delightful. Plus, thoroughly drying out your towels reduces the risk of mildew.

Customized in-floor heating makes sure your feet are perfectly toasty as well. You can also set these smart floors so they turn on and off based on your routine

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High Tech Thermostats 

You can remotely control the temperature in your bathroom, so it’s always exactly where you want it. Plus, this technology helps you save big on your energy bills by adjusting based on whether or not you’re home. 

Note: this smart home technology isn’t just for the bathroom but can be used throughout your home to maintain the ideal temperature based on the season, time of day, and personal preferences. 

Magic Mirrors 

Okay, so they’re not technically magical. But interactive LED mirrors are a must-have for the ultimate high-tech bathroom. Get traffic updates, news reports, or weather forecasts while shaving or applying make-up to face the day fully prepared. 

Touch-Free Faucets 

Smart faucets also help reduce water consumption. Enjoy the freedom of a touch-free faucet that responds to your movements with digital temperature settings so it is as hot or as cool as you’d like. You can even program these faucets to run for the perfect amount of time, say for face washing or teeth brushing. 

An entirely white furnished bathroom with tile on the floor and in the shower

Soak the Day Away in Your Custom Master Bathroom 

There’s nothing better than sinking into a hot bath at the end of a long, stressful day. Let ADŌR Bespoke Homes design and build you a home to your specifications, including custom bathrooms. We only use the nation’s leading brands, including Kohler plumbing, to give you the top-quality you deserve. 

Contact our team for your initial consultation, and let’s build a home you love.   

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