Luxury Bathroom Floors Inspirations

Your bathroom serves a multitude of purposes. It’s where you quietly prepare for the day and get ready to enjoy a good night’s sleep. While there are numerous considerations when designing a bespoke bathroom, floors make quite an impact on your comfort and the overall aesthetic. Let’s take a closer look at current bathroom floor trends you’ll fall in love with. 

Bathroom Floor Trends

Natural stone bathroom flooring is a beautiful, timeless choice for a luxury experience. From limestone to slate to marble, natural stone is moisture-resistant, durable, and – above all – stunning. Plus, it offers an excellent resale value. 

Meanwhile, homeowners these days are also trending towards engineered wood. This exquisite option allows you to incorporate the texture and beauty of real wood into your bathroom design without the typical water damage worries. After all, we want to create a durable design for you that lasts for many years (and showers) to come.

A bathroom with a double vanity, sauna, custom wood floors, and large windows

Bathroom Floors Tile Ideas

Bathroom tile flooring has been a staple since the days of ancient Egyptians. Our bespoke designers are accustomed to creating unique and stunning works of art that elevate your bathroom and pull the whole design together. Both porcelain and ceramic tile floors are go-to’s because they’re gorgeous and easy to maintain. Porcelain tiles provide a stylish, textured look that’s absolutely beautiful. Ceramic tiles can accurately mimic the appearance of stone or wood and are ideal for creating patterned floors. 

Patterned floor tiles are a way to express yourself in your new home. As you start envisioning possible designs, one place to look for inspiration is your favorite vacation spots. Whether it’s a beach house, Mexican villa, or Mediterranean cafe, bathroom floor tiles can tell the story of a treasured location that brings you restorative peace every morning and evening. 

Want to showcase your artistic inclinations? Choose atypical shapes or an asymmetrical layout as you work together with your designer to cultivate your one-of-a-kind look. Trust us—you’ll love this look. 

An added bonus: Natural stone, engineered wood, and porcelain and ceramic tiles all make wonderful candidates for heated bathroom floors

A bathroom with white tile on the floor and in the shower, with light grey walls

Heated Floors in Bathroom

There’s nothing more luxurious for bare feet than heated bathroom floors during our frigid Minnesota winters. And with the right build, it’s easy to create functional in-floor heating that’ll keep your toes nice and cozy, despite the temperature outside.

Heated floors in bathrooms enrich those small moments, but it does take a professional to build and install them properly. Our advice? Pair them with a heated towel rack for the ultimate bathroom experience. At ADŌR, our expert builders can add heated bathroom floors and other bathroom accessories to our design to keep you and your family comfortable all year round.

Read our piece about customizing your bathroom vanity. 

Cozy, Clean, and Comfortable 

Treating yourself to small moments of ease and luxury throughout the day is what can make your home your favorite place to be. Take a look at our Craftsmanship in Process page and how ADŌR Bespoke Homes approaches each custom Minnesota home design, including our exclusive vendor list. Then, let’s work together to build your next home. 

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