What is a Villa Home and Why Are They So Popular?

Look out—there’s an exciting new home design in town! These days, more and more homeowners are opting for villa style homes and at ADŌR we’ve been noticing. In fact, as this trend continues to grow in popularity, we’ve started building our very own bespoke villas. But what is driving so many homeowners – especially empty nesters – to choose this layout? What’s the appeal?

First Off, What is a Villa Style Home? 

A villa home is a single family home ideal for empty nesters or anyone looking for a low maintenance dwelling. Unlike a townhouse, condo or duplex, this innovative and flexible home design offers unique benefits without requiring a shared wall with neighbors. 

These styles offer an average square footage of 1,900 to 2,300, depending on a few customizable factors. This means plenty of livable space without feeling overwhelming!

Why Are Villa Homes So Popular?

There are quite a few advantages to choosing a villa style home:  

Maintain Privacy. These single family homes allow you to keep your privacy while putting you a little bit closer to your neighbors. Plus, with less yard to maintain you can focus on other exciting aspects of life.

Amenities. This may be the biggest one! Villas are built to be very community-centric with a strong Homeowners Association. Depending on your neighborhood, you can enjoy private community amenities, from lawn care to the (always dreaded) snow removal. 

Flexibility. If you’ve recently become an empty nester, this style of house offers flexibility without sacrificing too much space. With the aforementioned amenities, you can travel and have fun with your newfound freedom, knowing that someone else is taking care of your least favorite outdoor chores. 

Main Floor Living. As we get older, we’re less keen on constantly going up and down the stairs. With a villa style home, you have the majority of your living areas on one floor, while knowing you still have enough room for those frequent visitors. 

Proximity to Excitement. If you’re looking to fill up your evenings and weekends, it’s nice to be closer to exciting parts of town. Our current villa builds offer convenient access to quaint areas of Minnesota, including plenty of shops, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues. 

ADŌR Builds Villa Homes 

At ADŌR Bespoke Homes, we are delighted to be building custom villa style homes. We believe this newer trend is the perfect house plan for empty nesters or those looking to enjoy amenities (not to mention it’s a great investment for the future). Sneak a peek at two of our most recent builds and see what you think!

If you’re interested in living in your own villa style home, we’d love to help you! Check out our custom projects and learn more about our team of experts. We’d be happy to chat more, answer your questions, and potentially build your next dream home.

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