Modern Contemporary Design In Minnesota

Modern homes are becoming increasingly popular. But what exactly does modern contemporary design entail, and is it the right fit for you. ADŌR Bespoke Homes, luxury custom home builder, is here to break down the trends in contemporary home design here in Minnesota.

What Constitutes a Contemporary Home Design? 

Contemporary designs simply mean they reflect today’s architecture. Most contemporary designs pull in elements from modern style. The modern home design style comes out of the 1920-50s, and emphasizes a clean look and overall minimalist feel. Contemporary designs started back in the 1970s and today home designers build on that, while incorporating some postmodern and deconstructivism elements. They also focus more on warmth, sustainability, and larger common spaces. 

What Elements Are Featured in Contemporary Design

Contemporary home design typically incorporates a few (if not all) of the following elements: 

Open concept: gone are the days of small, formal rooms. Open layout designs allow everyone in the household to enjoy a larger space together. 

Large windows: these days there’s an emphasis on natural light, which leads to homes that really use windows to their advantage. 

Asymmetrical shapes: facades tend to be geometric and incorporate different shapes to create a unique design

Emphasis on sustainability: today there is more and more emphasis on using sustainable materials and reducing waste when it comes to home building. 

Neutrals rule: In most contemporary designs, neutrals, such as creams, taupe, brown, and white are used for the overall aesthetic. This is then punched up by pops of color, including accent walls, bolds pieces of furniture, and colorful accessories including artwork and pillows. 

Simplicity: However you decide to put together your space, simplicity is the name of the game in contemporary designs. As they say: less is more. 

Who’s Designing Contemporary and Modern Homes in Minnesota? 

When it comes to modern homes being built in Minnesota, we love the work coming from PLAAD (Practice of Lasting Art, Architecture and Design). They are setting the trend for contemporary home design here in our state, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next. 

Other designers we love partnering with? Charlie and Co. Design is a Minnesota-based residential design company that creates absolutely breath-taking work. And PKArch is a Minnesota architecture and design firm that produces award-winning builds.  

Pushing the limits of design is one of the elements that inspires us most as a luxury custom home builder. Are you starting to feel like a contemporary design might be for you? 

ADŌR Builds the Style That’s Right For You 

At ADŌR Bespoke Homes, we believe in constructing the house that fits your vision. Whether you’re inspired to tackle a contemporary home build, or would prefer a different style altogether, we work with you to plan a residence that inspires. Take a peek at our process. Feel like we’d be a good fit for you? Go ahead and connect with us. 

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