Unexpected and Unique Tile Shapes

There’s a reason why tiles are used so ubiquitously in the home. Besides their dirt-resistance and durability, they can be used to achieve incredibly different looks. If you’re looking for tile trends beyond squares or rectangles, get ready. There is a whole world of shapes you can use to create a design that’s as individual as you are! 

7 Unique Tile Shapes to Inspire You

Hex Tiles

Hexagon tiles are an elegant way to add drama and flair to a room. This in-demand option is also commonly referred to as “honeycomb tile”, because it resembles a honeycomb! Cover the entirety of your wall or floor with hex tiles, or leave the edges asymmetrical for an unexpected look.

Picket Tile

A modern tile twist on the aforementioned hex option, picket tile continues to grow in popularity. These elongated hexagon shapes work beautifully placed horizontally or vertically. Looking to experiment with a new arrangement? Braid them together and enjoy a more intricate look.

Rhomboid Tiles

Rhombus-shaped tiles are one of the most versatile options out there. You can achieve completely different looks – from contemporary to classic – depending on how you choose to have them arranged. Have them all flowing the same direction, or place them against one another to create interesting patterns! Choose from a variety of sizes to achieve the look you’re dreaming of within the space you have available. 

Vertical Subway Tile

Chances are you’ve probably seen subway tile arranged horizontally, either behind a stovetop or in a shower. But why not reorient this timeless tile trend? By placing these tiles vertically you can achieve a fresh twist on a classic tradition. 


This zig-zag pattern is ideal for adding movement and excitement to any room. Have fun combining different colors together, or opt for one solid color. Either way, the result is textured and beautiful. Chevron is ideal for larger surface areas (think hallways and flooring). 

Moroccan Circles

Add a particularly unique flair to your home with Moroccan Circles. Visually entrancing, these interlocking tiles are designed to make a splash. When utilized as kitchen tiles, they work together to become a work of art right in the center of your home. 

Craftman Squares

Craftsman combination squares allow you to compile an array of tile shapes and sizes to pull off a one-of-a-kind design. These tiles are actually inspired by Midwest native Frank Lloyd Wright and help bring an old world sensibility to the home. 

ADŌR Designers Can Help Your Navigate Tile Trends 

We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest tile trends, as well as being knowledgeable about time-honored traditions. At ADŌR, we work to create a world of art as unique as the people living inside of it. That’s why we only select an exclusive number of clients to work with—we want you to receive the attention and responsiveness you deserve.

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