Window Treatments for Every Room

From keeping rooms cozy and warm to elevating the aesthetic, window treatments add a lot to the feel and look of your new home. Wondering how to choose window treatments for each room? Let’s take a closer look at the most popular varieties out there and how they impact privacy, insulation, and (of course) design! 

Window Treatment Ideas For Your Home

Sheer Curtains 

These light curtains are perfect for letting a bit of sunshine in. While they won’t hold in heat, they add a delicate touch to your windows. Because they’re semi-transparent, these curtains are best for rooms that receive a lot of sunlight, such as an office or living room. They can also be a beautiful addition to a bathroom.

Roman Shades

Typically made from fabric (although we’ve seen them made with bamboo), roman shades can offer the best of both worlds. Because they stack neatly when raised, they offer a clean aesthetic, while adding convenient flexibility! Raise them up to let in fresh air and sunshine; lower them for privacy—they look great either way. 

Try this option in the living room, dining room, kitchen, or even child’s bedroom

Cellular Shades (or Honeycomb Shades)

As Minnesota custom home builders, ADŌR knows firsthand the importance of insulation curtains. Cellular shades are great because they hold in heat while still letting in precious sunlight. After all, in the winter, we need all the Vitamin D we can get!  

Consider this popular curtain idea on your ground floor, office, or playroom. Because they’re so durable, they’re also great for the kitchen

Blackout Curtains 

If you enjoy sleeping without the sun in your eyes, these opaque window treatments are worth putting up in your bedrooms. While you can find blackout curtains with beautiful colors/patterns, you can also double up curtains, hiding blackout curtains behind lighter, prettier options. Bonus: because these curtains are so heavy, they also provide extra insulation. 

Besides the bedroom, blackout curtains are ideal for a home theatre or game room—that way you can enjoy the right ambiance at any time of day. 

Floor to Ceiling Curtains 

Depending on the type of material, these curtain options can be insulating and offer plenty of privacy. But we love them mostly because of the dramatic effect they create. Accenting windows, or even glass doors, with long, elegant curtains adds a grandiose feel to the room that’s sure to spark conversation. 

These can make a formal dining room, library, or study feel more spacious.

Automatic Rolling Shades

Connected to your low voltage system, these smart shades adjust automatically based on your daily routine. This means you can get the most natural light possible without having to open and close your shades multiple times a day. Synch up these shades so they all move at the exact same time. 

These shades work really well in almost any room, but especially the ground floor of your home. We love working with BRAVAS because of their skill and attention to detail! 

How Do I Style My Curtains?

Read our blog “Compliment Your Custom Home With Curtains“ as we answer commonly most-asked questions about length, width, fabrics, and more! 

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