5 Tips to Create a Soothing Nursery

Designing your custom home means you can create the nursery of your dreams. This will be your baby’s first home, where they’ll sleep, eat, and explore their new world. Whether you have a little one on the way or you’re planning for the future, these baby room ideas will inspire you and your growing family.

Top 5 Tips for Creating a Peaceful Nursery Design

1. Plan for Plenty of Space

What pieces of furniture are you envisioning in your nursery design? Do you have an oversized family rocking chair? A specific changing table you’re already attached to? Are you hoping to transition this room as your little one grows up? Our expert designers at ADŌR can help configure a floorplan so your furniture is comfortably arranged, with room to spare. 

Furthermore, innovative storage solutions and custom closets mean having everything you need at your fingertips without feeling cramped or crowded. Building a custom home gives you have the power to decide just how much space your nursery will have! 

2.  Soundproofing is Key

Think about how sound factors into your nursery design. We can help you choose materials for walls, floors, and doors to ensure a quieter place for you and your new baby. Adding in thicker rugs and curtains helps dampen sound and cut down on external disruptions. And a built-in shelf can become a permanent spot for a soothing noise machine to help your baby drift off to sleep. 

3. Keep It Light

Color and lighting make a big difference when you’re looking to enjoy a peaceful nursery. Pastel, muted blues and greens, even yellows, tend to be popular color schemes. Neutrals – grays and beige – also work well for a nursery design. Want to go bolder? Consider painting one accent wall, with neutral walls surrounding it. 

Lighting can enhance your color choices. A couple of well-placed and easily adjustable lighting fixtures help foster a soothing atmosphere, no matter what time of day it is. A picture window adds plenty of natural lighting for you and the baby to enjoy and you can easily transition into bedtime with blackout curtains.

 4. Consider Proximity

Imagine those late nights up with your little one. It’d be great to have your bedroom and bathroom nearby. As our team maps out your home, we can set up the ultimate layout for your comfort level and ease during late-night feedings or early morning playtime.

5. Have Fun With Themes

A nursery is a perfect time to embrace your inner child. From woodland creatures to circus characters, choose a theme and enjoy seeing it reflected throughout your nursery design. Splash it on the walls with paper wallpaper, add framed artwork, or install a matching mobile. These little touches help tie the whole room together.

A Home for Your Family to Grow In 

Home is where we make some of our more precious memories. At ADŌR Bespoke Homes, our goal is to create a peaceful home for you and your loved ones to spend time together. Whatever your nursery ideas include, our expert team works alongside you to make sure everything goes as planned.

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